The patient registry for
charities and caregivers

Manage your patients, contacts and clinical trials in a purpose-built system that includes features to keep your community engaged and supported.


  • A fully GDPR-compliant registry with built-in SAR support.
  • Scalable - perfect for small charities or for larger organisations.
  • Cost-efficient plans, with no need to spend tens of thousands to build a bespoke product.
  • Built-in API to share data with clinicians, pharmaceuticals and partner organisations.
  • Uses open standards such as ICD-11 & openFDA for conditions and medications.
  • Ready to get set up? Get in touch and we can migrate your data into your new registry.

Take your registry
to the next level.

  The registry has made a pivotal difference for our organisation, providing the necessary foundation for much needed clinical trials for our patient population.

The intuitive and user-friendly interface integrates well into our workflow, streamlining our trial recruitment and retention processes and enabling us to work with pharmaceutical partners, whilst monitoring our patients and providing support for our families with a suite of useful features in the app.  

Rachael Stevenson

CEO, Reverse Rett

Manage your patients and trials better

With an array of purpose-built features at your disposal to make everything integrate seamlessly.

With secure password-protected login, two-factor authentication and a variety of other security features acting behind the scenes to protect your data, security is baked into its core.
Manage your people
Invite carers, family and other contacts to manage patient records, contribute to the forum, and access the built-in features designed to make life easier for carers.
Clinical Trials
Manage your clinical trials in detail through the app. Add patients and statuses, keep notes, expenses, trial sites, clinical partners, send and manage expressions of interest and much more.
Advanced search allows you to look through your patients and contacts, easily find groups of patients with symptoms, and quickly add them to clinical trials or save them for later.
Easily follow trends in the registry. From tracking your user and patient growth over time to metrics about the patients you have in your registry, stay on top of your patient group's stats.
Access to the Hub allows you to manage your plan, invite your team to administrate the platform, and place tickets to our helpdesk if you ever need a question answering.

Bring your community along

for the journey

Features your patients and carers will love

Keep your community engaged and active with purpose-built systems that make their lives easier.

Commmunity forum
An open forum for your app's community to ask questions, share stories, communicate and solve problems together.
Stay connected
Contact a member of staff whenever required, or a fellow app user if mutually requested, to discuss a patient, a clinical trial, or ask a question using the built-in messenger system.
Patient passports
Collate all your key patient information - diagnoses, symptoms, equipment, practitioners, hospital appointments and more - in a single dowloadable passport, accessible whenever you need it.
Network your caring
Invite carers, clinicians or relatives to contribute and manage your patient's profile, so that no new information or update gets under the radar.
Up to date information
Keep your patient's record up to date with new diagnoses, practitioners and their contact details, a patient photo for their passport, any hospital appointments and much more!
Connect on the move
Use the web app on the move on any device with internet - be it your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile. It is also a progressive web-app, so you can download it to your device.

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